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Energy Management & Environmental Policy
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Energy Management Review


Savills identified the following objectives for energy management: -
To continue to implement energy management in the building.
To study and analyse savings achieved for electricity consumption on an annual basis.
To reduce operating and maintenance costs while enhancing the efficiency and reliability of equipment, plant and machinery.
To study the feasibility of converting the air-conditioning plant from air cooled to water cooled,

Method Statement

In the first instance, Savills analysed the relevant energy consumption data from 1989 to 2003 to identify the relationship between power consumption for different sub-systems such as the air-conditioning and electrical installations in different various zones in the building.  The pros and cons of using Maximum Demand and Commercial Tariffs were also explored in 2002.

The next stage of the energy management review was to study the electricity consumption data before and after retrofitting works and following the implementation of some energy saving measures in 2003.
Finally, Savills have maintained a policy to continually review energy consumption and operational procedures annually in conjunction with exploring all new methods of energy saving.

Savills have succeeded in saving an estimated 8.2 million kWh since the commencement of their energy saving measures in January 2002.  Significant savings were made as a result of retrofitting works including replacement of high efficiency condenser coils and the installation of frequency inverters and electronic ballasts in the building.  In addition, an energy audit is conducted on an annual basis.

The ongoing energy saving programme at Lippo Centre was used as a case study and obtained a Silver Award (Commercial Buildings Category) from the Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Awards in 2006 organised by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

Lippo Centre, managed by Savills Property Management Limited (SPML) is proud to have been presented with the Certificate of Merit in the Property Management Sector category of the 2014 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) at a ceremony held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 May 2015.
The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence are recognized by the community as one of the most prestigious and reputable environmental award schemes in Hong Kong.  The scheme is led by the Environmental Campaign Committee alongside the Environmental Protection Department  in conjunction with nine other organizations in Hong Kong.
The Award recognizes our Savill’s commitment and drive to achieving recognized environmental objectives.  It also demonstrates the management team’s belief that the promotion of environmental initiatives should extend to all stakeholders including owners, tenants, staff, customer and working partners and encompass  different aspects, such as carbon reduction, waste reduction, food waste reduction and indoor air quality through improvement of facilities, education and the introduction of energy saving measures.

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Energy Management

Environmental Policy

As well as energy management, Savills is committed to addressing environmental concerns.  In addition to maintaining a used paper recycling scheme and regular collection schemes for other recyclable items, such as red pocket envelopes, candy/biscuit boxes, mooncake tins and books.  Savills actively monitor and improve the environment at Lippo Centre. Earth Hour 60+ was joined every year since 2009.  Dress Light Day was held every year since 2010.  E-Circular was used in 2012 to save paper.  This approach has been recognised in various areas including certification of Good Class Indoor Air Quality and recognition of Savills' commitment to environmental protection with Excellence Class of Wastewi$e Award by the Environmental Protection Department as well as Water Quality certification awarded by the Water Services Department.  


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